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“Black Magic Awesome Cyber Unicorn Cyclewear” (Norrsken for short)

#EurobikeDesignAward 2018 Nominated.

Norrsken is our latest concept, codename 'Black Magic Reflective Awesome Cyber Unicorn' - You get it, we are super excited. Norrsken was born of the idea that a subtle stylish dark coloured piece of cycle clothing can also be safe at night in traffic. It has to be seen to believed but check out the 'Grus Jersey' pic and you will get an idea. We called it 'Norrsken' or 'Northern Lights' in English because

Cycle Jersey Magic Reflective Unicorn

1. The Northern Lights up here in the frozen north is a beautiful, awe-inspiring, humbling experience which is seen at it's best during the hours of deep darkness.

2. The pattern on some of our Norrsken clothes is inspired by how the Northern Lights phenomenon happens, namely the interaction of the Earth’s magnetosphere and the charged particles from the sun, our 'Norrsken Pack Jacket' has this pattern. 

We're not suggesting you will be humbled in the presence of a cycle jersey, but it is an innovative and stylish collection we are stoked about and hope you will be too.