Stay Strong &
Keep Riding Through The Rain

Stay dry and visible in the dark and wet

The Sigr wet weather range is designed and built to withstand the toughest of conditions. The spring and autumn rains up here in northern Sweden really are something to be experienced to be believed and have been the proving ground for the latest incarnation of our Västkusten and Östkusten jackets and trousers.

Choose the level of visibility you want. Strategically placed high-viz areas use Biomotion research to maximize visibility in low light.

Rain Jackets - Two 100% waterproof models for men & women. Take me there!

Rain Trousers - Three unisex models. Take me there!



Great quality, very comfortable and works great in heavy rain


Great fit. Love this jacket. Easy to take with me. And if there is rain you stay dry


Thin material it seems but it is a smart material. Light weight and keeps you dry. For work or training hard.

Mike Anderson

First class rain jacket that ‘does what it says on the tin’ keeps you very dry in even the worst weather

Mrs T Barber

I took a gamble on this too having not found anything I liked in UK. Gamble paid off - love it for my London winter 🥶 commutes

Iain Goble
London, UK

Jackets that LOVE the rain

Fully waterproof yet breathable and very lightweight. Taped seams for security, form an impenetrable barrier for that tricksy water that has a habit of finding a way in!

Smart, protected ventilation slits on the back and under the arms, together with a waterproof double zip mean that you can release heat easily if it is getting produced fast during a hard ride.

Visibility supplied by latest-tech high-viz materials.

Comfortable, soft and waterproof cuffs mean no rain blowing up your sleeves. They keep your wrists warm too.

Rain Trousers: Evolved

Biomotion research has been used in the design of the Östkusten trousers to maximise visibility in low light. Read more here >

These unisex rain pants are 100% waterproof yet breathable and lightweight. They have been tested to the limit in both urban and rural settings, by our cyclist network.

Made of the same hi-tech materials as our rain jackets and also with taped seams, you can be sure your legs will be dry when you get home.

Accessories you never knew you needed!

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