Why do we have 3 different black cycle jerseys?

Thick, thin, reflective, non reflective, pockets and/or UV protection?

Welcome "Svartsenap" cycle jersey for both men and women. This jersey is produced in a slightly thicker material than our other black jerseys. Perfect for cooler days. A no nonsense black bike jersey that has everything you need. It is the same high quality but we have done all we can to reduce the price on this one.

Treat yourself.

Inspired by the flower Svartsenap / Black Mustard. The black mustard, is an annual plant cultivated for its black or dark brown seeds, which are commonly used as a spice. It is common in the South of Sweden. Skånsk Senap (mustard from the Swedish province of Skåne) has this ingredient.

You might be wondering what a bright yellow member of the Brassica family has to do with Sigr's black jersey? Well apart from the seeds being as black as the night,  the flowers along with it's close relative rapeseed (which many of our Instagram followers guessed as the name of our new jersey.) create huge yellow magical backdrops for a perfect Insta-moment and what better colour shirt as a contrast against the sea of yellow? Black of course :)

Being visible in black, a safe bet?

Sure is. During darker hours we recommend our black Sigr "Grus Norrsken" jersey that is magic that way. It has a special feature. Black in daylight, 100% reflective in the dark when light hits it. And if you like a thin black jersey, that is really fast, you should go for our Sigr "Black Tulip" bike jersey. It has UV protection just like Grus Norrsken but it's not reflective. A really classy black jersey.

Our jerseys are as good, if not better than any other jerseys out there. For us, super high quality is a given. But even more important, we think, is how they look and feel when you wear them. You will be a feast for the eyes, believe us.

Our mission states that everything we do, we do for an equal biking culture. And truly, we do. Because everything from our genderless design to our communication and core values are fed with this statement.

We believe, that making our jerseys in different options with different features enables you to choose what is just right for you.

We love feedback! Please tell us below in the comments which Sigr jersey is your favourite and why?

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