The Most Efficient Way To Increase Road Cycling Strength

Getting Stronger

There are many ways to increase strength for road cycling, but some are better than others.

And no stand-alone exercise will do the trick.

A reliable routine is the order of the day and because you're a member of the Sigr family, we’re gonna let you in on the best-kept secret routines.

The Way Forward

So, let’s dive into each step:

Ride as hard as you can for 30 minutes. Once a week ride as hard as you can sustain for 7–10 minutes. Rest about half that time and repeat.

Four days a week ride below your aerobic threshold. That’s the hardest you can manage with an even split over a five-hour ride. It’s where conversation still flows, breathing isn’t rhythmic, and you don’t feel burn in your legs. 1–2 hours regularly plus a weekly 3–5 hours, a short ride is good. That will improve your aerobic power on longer rides.

On the fifth day, you can race, go for a group ride, work on your sprint, ride 1–1.5 hours.

Rest completely off your bike one day a week.

Take an easy week off every 3 or 4 weeks.

Add 10% to your weekly time riding each week until you’re riding the 10 hours a week it takes to achieve most of your genetic potential.

That’s about it!

By following this routine, you’re pretty much guaranteed to push more power to the pedals and increase endurance for good measure too.

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