The FIRST Nordic Bike Restaurant in the world - powered by Sigr

We all have our roots. Ours are in the north. Sometimes we look south though, and this is one of those times.

Up here we love to cycle, soaking in the nature all around us. On some roads you're more likely to meet a moose or a bear than a car. It can be quiet and meditative. In the zone. At one with your bike.

After the ride though, we want to talk about the ride, we want to joke about our friend's new haircut, laugh at the mosquitoes stuck between his or her teeth - always a sign of a good ride by the way ;) We wanted to do it somewhere that had the right atmosphere, the right food, the right spirit. But at least here in our hometown that place didn't exist. You know, when you want to talk cycling, eat cycling, drink cycling. Sure, there are bike shops, but we wanted that place where you breathe cycling.

The cycling scene of southern Europe conjures up images of sweaty alpine climbs, espresso coffee and razor sharp cycling tan lines, sunglasses and warm winds. This is hard to replicate when you live several thousand kilometres to the north but we had an idea.

We have a friend called Petter who happens to own a vibrant, beating heart of a restaurant that serves southern European style food in the middle of Umeå. We got talking and decided to go all in, as we at Sigr usually do, and see if we couldn't work a little magic together with Petter. The result: "Tapas Bike Bar & Deli powered by Sigr" - a concept bike restaurant, very very far up north.

We let loose the design whirlwind that is our head of design, Fredrik, who is not only awesome at designing clothes but can turn his hand to anything you throw at him. Given the brief, he has that marvellous ability to add the right details in the right place at the right time. The result blew us away.

It opened in May, and of course we invited the local R&D bike clubs for the VIP party.

Here are pictures from this event. And guess what? We feel supercharged by this new celebration of cycling and food and warmth that is Tapas Bike Bar & Deli powered by Sigr. Don't forget to pay us a visit if you're nearby!




Let us know in the comments if you and your friends have a favourite meeting place. A cafe, a restaurant, a club house, somebodies garage? 

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