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Cycling Jerseys - The Evolution

Remember the first time you slipped on a cycling jersey and felt oddly empowered, as if suddenly you could pedal just a bit faster? That jersey wasn’t just a piece of fabric, but a badge of honor—albeit a sometimes embarrassingly bright one. So let's ride through the colourful history of this essential piece of kit, from the itchy days of wool to today's sleek and smooth, eco-conscious designs.

The Humble Beginnings: Wool and Wonder

early cycling jerseys
  • Timeline: Early 1900s
  • Material: Wool
  • Style: Button-down collars, simple team logos

Imagine gearing up for a ride in a thick, wool sweater. Yes, it was as itchy as it sounds. Early men's cycling jerseys were made from wool, equipped with button-down collars and adorned with modest logos. They kept riders warm but were far from what we'd call comfortable.

The Synthetic Shift: Hello, Polyester!

60s cycling jerseys
  • Era: Post-World War II
  • Innovation: Introduction of synthetic fibers
  • Key Figure: DuPont and the birth of Lycra (1950s)

As riders pushed for better performance, wool was ditched for pioneering synthetics like polyester. DuPont’s introduction of Lycra in the late 1950s stretched the limits, literally, making jerseys lighter, more flexible, and less likely to retain Tour de France levels of sweat.

Billboard on Wheels: The Advertising Era

  • Decade: 1970s onwards
  • Trend: Logos and sponsorships explode
  • Notable Example: Nivea’s sponsorship of Fiorenzo Magni (1954)

Cycling jerseys transformed into moving billboards. In 1954, Fiorenzo Magni donned a jersey with the Nivea logo, kicking off a trend that would turn riders into kaleidoscopic canvases of corporate logos. It wasn't just about sport; it was also about the spectacle of sponsorships.

High-Tech Threads: The Modern Makeover

Ultra modern jerseys
photo credit: Pat A Robinson
  • Current Trends: Aerodynamics and advanced fabrics
  • Features: UV protection, moisture-wicking, odour-resistance, ultra-lightweight

Today’s road cycling jerseys are less about enduring the elements and more about mastering them. Featuring UV protection, moisture management, and dolphinlike aerodynamics, modern jerseys keep riders cool as they break away from the peloton or breeze through a casual weekend ride.

Modern Day Innovations: The Sigr Commitment

Sigr cycling jerseys


In the present day, brands like Sigr are not only continuing the tradition of great-looking, functional cycling jerseys but are also pioneering the use of sustainable practices in their creation. Inspired by Swedish nature, Sigr jerseys echo the hues of the landscape and bear the names of native flora and fauna, paying homage to cycling’s rich heritage while promoting planet-friendly practices.

A Jersey for Every Journey

From woolly mammoths to sleek, high-tech gear, both men's and women's cycling jerseys have come a long way. Whether you're sprinting in the Tour de France or spinning through your local park, there’s a jersey that tells a story of innovation, identity, and perhaps, a bit of individual flair.

Explore our latest collection of cycling jerseys, perfect for both road and gravel. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, find the perfect jersey that matches your style and sustainability.

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