The Croatian National MTB Champion Milo Pilski dressed in Sigr

We were lucky enough to be able to talk to Milo about his two wheeled journey to the top... Here's the lowdown.

The National Champion Title

2-3 years ago, I never thought that the clothes were that important for cycling. But now I think it is very very important to feel comfortable while cycling. And by the way, it is important that you look nice because cycling is a lifestyle.

My name is Milo Pilski. I was born on the 29th of February 1988 in Zagreb, Croatia. I have lived here my whole life. I am a Croatian cross-country mountain biker, and I am competing in the disciplines XC and XCM, in the men’s elite category. Since 2003, I have been a member of the Croatian most trophies MTB cycling team, named BGK Tuškanac from Zagreb. Since my childhood the bicycle has been my favourite means of transport, and cycling (of any kind) is my favourite sport and hobby. 

My first race was in 2003, and until 3 years ago, I was not so intensely involved in cycling. During the last three years I was constantly in the top 3 Croatian cyclists. But now I want to raise the bar even more! :D

In addition to cycling, I am active in hiking, mountaineering and running, I am also an amateur photographer, and any free time I use for traveling and photography.

I really like long endurance races, so I've always wanted to become the best cyclist in the XCM marathon. So I think that I could not wish for a better start of summer :) I have big ambitions and my goal is to be the best XC and XCM cyclist in my country and ride more races and marathons outside Croatia. But my primary goal is to promote mountain biking here in Croatia, as well as the general use of the bicycle as a means of transport, means of entertainment, healthy living and enjoyment.

I want to inspire people for cycling, healthy life, sports, enjoying in the nature, and generally enjoying the life and all the little things around us :)

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

In the week before the race I try to train easier and watch out for what and when I eat. Usually I eat a lot for a breakfast (muesli, granola, fruits, eggs, smoothies, etc.). For the lunch I usually eat: salads, chicken, rice, pasta, lots of vegetables, fish, and sometimes some steak or junk food ;) For a dinner i prefer fruits and some healthy sweet snack. Two day before race usually is my rest day, and day before race I prefer some easy ride with some short sprints. You do not want to know how much and what I eat ;) The day before the race I almost always eat pizza and Nutella after that. And for a breakfast on a race day I eat some muesli and/or some pasta, depending on the length of the race. 

Last winter I did not have any rest week and considering that I was intensely preparing for the past national championship, this summer I will take a short break.  

Staycation or Vacation? 

I'll go with my girlfriend for a trip next week, we're going to Singapore-Hong Kong-Bali for a two weeks. This trip is a gift for a national championship title :) After that, preparations for the rest of the season and XC national championship.

Best regards from Croatia :)

Milo Pilski

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