The constructive way to deal with unexpected gender gaps in cycling

Sigr recently released 3 brand new recycled jerseys called Sverigeloppet. [Update: this was a while ago now but the fact remains :)] They were named after the Sverigeloppet race. A genderless race almost as long as the Tour de France. By releasing these jerseys we wanted to highlight that equality and design can be combined. Not only in a jersey, but in you! It is how you see cycling that matters the most. Let us now share three cycling race examples that are good to take into account when arguing that cycling is for everyone.

The fact is that more men than women cycle. Therefore, it is easy for events to come to a conclusion that more men will sign up to a race. Too many races blame that “we cannot change the fact that more men than women ride bikes so this is just the way it is”. Is this really the true way of acting constructively with gender gaps in cycling?

A race can do a lot to change perspectives.

1. Globally largest races - Le Tour

Equality between the sexes is a long way off. So far off, in fact, that nobody reading this is likely to see it achieved in their lifetime. That’s the sobering conclusion of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020. But what we living creatures right now might see in our lifetime is a genderless Tour de France. What do you think? Is it reasonable that Le Tour only invites men still?

2. The world’s largest recreational bike event - Vätternrundan

Women are less likely to cycle to work than men, according to data released by exercise app Strava. Globally, men are 6.7% more likely than women to hop on two wheels for their daily commute. In the US, that gap stands at 17.4% in men's favour, while in the UK it is 12%. In Vätternrundan event they have instead of looking at these figures as impossible instead opened up so all ages, gender and styles are included in a way that has created an event that is not the largest in the world, since recreational cycling has a perspective that they have put a lot of effort in to and certified also how they work with sustainability.

3. Sverigeloppet - A race for both women and men

In 2017, Sweden's longest cycling race woke up again. After many years asleep. Sverigeloppet is for those that want to race all the miles right through Sweden rather than go for a recreational ride.

How do a race keep inclusiveness in mind? Sverigelopppet took this question seriously and together with Sigr we have tried to find women for all teams participating in Sverigeloppet. A team in the race includes 10 cyclists. The team has to be a mix of both men and women, but some teams have difficulty finding women for their team. Sigr has challenged that and the question is; is it really true that teams have a difficulty finding women for their team?

We want to help Sverigeloppet in their challenge of including women in all of their teams in this year's Sverigeloppet edition. This year Sigr has asked 
Sverigeloppet to act like a matchmaker for the team to not fall in the gap to go “only for the men”. Therefore, we invite all cyclists that want to find a team to go to this link and sign up for the race of your life! 

We are proud to be partners with Sverigeloppet and that this year's edition is to have 5 teams lining up in the city of Haparanda. We're even prouder that we will have more women than ever in the mix for this year's edition. LET’S GO!!

This is the solution we think took Sverigeloppet to the next level of including solo riders into a team, no matter the gender!

The race takes place between 7-13 August this year and we can't wait. You can find the application form here: Sverigeloppet Application Form

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