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R&D departments exist to solve issues with product development or to breathe new life into existing product lines. However, before setting up a department just for the sake of it, we needed to ask ourselves some questions. Why do we need an R&D department? Who should be involved in it?

Well we need one so that we can ensure our products are the best they can be under real world conditions. Nothing beats testing clothes on people who are experts in their sport or hobby. Kilometres in the saddle in rain, wind or shine will expose any weaknesses pretty quickly and being as agile as we are in our design and production cycles, we can quickly adjust and roll out the improvements.

We realised we needed to start at home. From day one, we enlisted the services of the awesome bicycle clubs in our home town of Umeå and thus "Sigr R&D Clubs" were born. If we share a vision and make our own biking future together, we can't lose.

Thanks to Gimonäs CK, Cykelintresset, Obbola IK and Stöcke TS Järnet, we are proud to say that we now have a R&D department firing on all cylinders.

Umeå, where we come from, is one of the most "cycley" cities per capita in Europe. There might not be many of us, but we bike a lot. Many of us are year round cyclists which in temperatures of -30°C and daily snowfall is something we're rather proud of. This is one of the pillars of Sigr, bringing cycling to the many, not just the few.

Interested in being a R&D Club?

Well, you're in luck! - in fact we are looking for 5-6 more clubs to join us for our 2019 product development. If you are an active club email us at

What do we look for in a club? It may sound obvious but a club where men and women are welcomed, encouraged and treated the same is what we are looking for in a Sigr R&D Club. The club culture should be all about having fun together.

Why R&D Clubs all over the world?

Well apart from part of our mission (The Sigr Revolution) being to spread our love of biking globally, we realised that we need to listen to the needs of cyclists all over the planet. By doing this we'll be able to provide a mix and match collection where anyone anywhere should be able to find cycle gear that will suit their own particular set of conditions.

How does my club apply?

Write to and tell us how your club can help us spread our values and make Sigr better.

Because we do a lot of things. But everything we do, is for an equal biking culture.

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  • Norsham Husaini

    Hi. Me and a bunch of mates in Singapore are interested in the R&D program. May I know the email address that I should email to? Thank you.

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