Where are we going? Eurobike! When are we going? Soon!

The largest cycling show in the world,  loads of new bikes and a sea of cool new cycling clothing together with crowds and crowds of great people... what could possibly go wrong?

Maybe you're thinking that this is where we start telling you about our awesome new 2019 collection that we're launching at Eurobike?? Nope. That comes later, first we going to start by recounting a cautionary tale involving 3 non-Germans, a hire car and a lit bit too much hurrying.

The last time we were at Eurobike, we stayed in Switzerland. That may sound crazy but Friedrichshafen is in the corner of Germany where Switzerland and Austria meet so we weren't too far from the show, oh, and by the way, don't talk to us Swedes about Switzerland.

Anyway driving to the show one morning, a little late (finding natural yoghurt and muesli, the obligatory breakfast fuel that gets a Swede going in the morning is not always easy when away from Switzerland, err... Sweden) there was a flash! "What in the name of Odin was that?!" said our designer (well ok he said "what was that?" but close enough) "Not sure" said someone else... hmm another flash, and another, and another and again! a flash! Had we seen five flashes or six? to be honest, in all the excitement we'd lost track... should we continue in the most powerful economy size hire car we could find at the airport? did we feel lucky?

Being Swedes, we did not feel lucky, decided to do the sensible thing and pull over to check Google for reports of Swiss UFO sightings... zero results. Anyway, long story short - in Switzerland there are no speed limit signs but rather deviously, there are SPEED CAMERAS!! So you don't know how fast you are allowed to drive AND the police are only too pleased to use this evil plan to part you with any hard earned cake money you might have in your wallet!

We googled Swiss speed limits... zero results... no, wait... 1 result! ...luckily the police hadn't yet managed to delete the information from Google and not for lack of trying I'll bet. How else are they going to fund their Christmas party if not by speeding ticket fines? Here is what we found:

"Speed limits in Switzerland. The maximum speed limit on motorways is 120 km/h, on expressways it is 100 km/h, on main roads and minor roads outside built-up areas it is 80 km/h and in built-up areas it is 50 km/h."

After the googling we asked ourselves "What's the difference between minor-roads outside and in built-up areas?" We had been driving really slowly, and all roads looked minor. So in our own minds we were far from speeding.

Well, we ended up driving at 50km/h the rest of the time we were there. Back and forth from the hotel to the fair. This year we have decided to live closer to the fair. And guess what? We'll be bringing bikes instead. No more hassle with rental cars and speeding tickets and most importantly, more money for fika.

The best part though, must be our meeting new friends from all over the world. That is one huge fuzzy reason why Sigr is so much fun to grow with and be a part of, every day. We get the chance to meet people both in real life and also online - from all over the world. We just love that. Eurobike is a great oportunity to meet the world.

One more curious fun nugget from last year we must share with you was our chance meeting with @sweetune_official Korean K-Pop maestros! Sweetune (a music producer team) not only produce music, they also have a lovely bike shop! 👌We hope to visit you soon. In Seoul. (Listen here >> MUSIC )

In July 2018 Sigr will attend the Eurobike show again. In Friedrichshafen, Germany. Please come and visit our booth. We love unexpected happy meetings! 

P.S. We do not love like speeding tickets.

P.P.S. OUR BOOTH NUMBER THIS YEAR: FG AK/10 in Open Air Grounds West

P.P.P.S. There is also a slightly humourous story involving an Austrian IKEA and assorted low cost living room items but we'll tell you about that when we meet at our booth in Germany ;)


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