Riding in autumn - which type of autumn rider are you?

At least here in the north of Sweden, the edge of summer is finally telling us that it will soon be on it's way southwards. Disappearing swallows, cooler winds and shorter days are politely reminding us that no, we don't live in sub-saharan Africa, however much this amazing summer would have us believe! We at Sigr want to help you stay out on your bike as long as possible so we have compiled a list of different autumns - which one do you recognise?

  1. I live where autumn can be quite warm - but windy.
    Sigr suggests: We call this the 'Goldilocks' solution. For when it's not too hot and not too cold, try a cycle gilet. We have a few to choose from and if you want to cover all angles, some arm warmers will have you covered. A pack-jacket could also be what you need, super-thin and super-light. It will deflect wind without being too warm.
  2. I live where autumn can be warm and windy but with a rain shower now and then.
    Sigr suggests: Pack-jackets are your friend here. They'll withstand a shower or two but are mainly for dry conditions and pack up oh-so-tiny to snuggle up in your jersey back pocket.
  3. I live somwhere where the rain gods bless us often with large amounts of water from the sky (yes, we're looking at you U.K.) and I want to honour them by getting out on my bike even in the  wettest of weather.
    Sigr suggests: Unless you're biking in the Amazon rain forest a good cycle rain jacket should do the trick. Get one that is soft and breathable and has ventilation for fast removal of moisture while riding.
  4. Summer is my true love and as soon as it leaves, I follow it like a lovesick puppy.
    Sigr suggests: Perhaps consider suprising the family with a spontaneous permanent move to warmer climes? Perhaps go and visit some of our lovely Sigr friends in Brazil or Mexico? But seriously though, if you are lucky enough to be able to travel to sunnier latititudes in autumn and winter, just stock up on cycle jerseys, preferably with UV-protection.
  5. For me, the hibernation urge is strong and as soon as I feel a hint of autumn, inside I go where I can light a few candles, throw on some Kenny G and dream about spring rides...
    Sigr suggests: Keep on cycling. Even if it's inside, it will keep your fitness from deserting you too quickly. Remember, maintaining fitness is easier than regaining fitness so just keep on using your summer cycling gear inside. Depending on how draughty your garage is of course.

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