Meltem Kılıç - A Sigr Cycling Hero

Who am I?

My name is Meltem Kılıç. I am a pediatric ER Nurse, cyclist and theatre player. I live in Turkey/İstanbul.

How did I start my cycling journey?

I discovered cycling when I was 13 years old. I cycled mostly as a means of transport to and from school but then I thought, why not do it as a sport? And so I started my cycling training.

Over the years, I have not lost my habit of cycling for transportation. In addition to my workouts, I was also cycling to hospitals and surgeries. I usually ride with my team for a good workout and also with my cycle friend Caner. 

 Covid? What Covid?

I have a personal cycling goal. The pandemic period didn't affect me and is still not effecting my motivation and focus during training. Of course there are some difficulties. But my goals outweigh these challenges. That's why I continue my training by keeping my motivation and focus without seeing the obstacles towards my goals. 

UCI Gran Fondo

My best memory in 2021 was the UCI International World Series Gran Fondo race, which took place on 21 November in Turkey/Antalya.

It was the last few kilometers of the race, where we used both mind, power and tactics throughout the race.

We stuck to the plan we made for the last 10 km. But a peloton coming from behind at 55 km/h was not included in this plan. We no longer had any plans and I just had to show my strength.

I focused myself completely, forgetting the difficulty of entering the race without any nutrients. And I rode the last 2 km by entering the draft of the peloton that was passing by us.

My opponent was in the same peloton as me.

At one point, I was forced away from the peloton due to the person in front of me braking, but I gathered my strength and grabbed it again.

And now the last 1 km. I noticed that the foreign opposing team had circled me in a circle. I couldn't escape.

My opponent was ahead of me in the same peloton. And momentarily, I waited for the attack to be given in the last 500 meters.

In the last 450 meters, the front cyclists attacked in the peloton. And the peloton disbanded.

There were no more tactics, there was only power.

The strong will win.

I sprinted with all my strength and passed the finish line first and became the champion.

The best memory of 2021 for me was the finish line of this race, where my hard work paid off. I was proud of myself. Just after I passed the finish, I collapsed to the ground as if I couldn't breathe, I waited for my pulse to drop, but I had succeeded!

What now?

My 2022 goal is to go beyond my own limits and achieve much better success. I believe that these successes will carry me much further. I have academic goals too.

Cycling tip from a champion

Periods of low motivation are temporary. You will not lose your motivation. Instead, turn this period into an advantage and work harder and be much stronger when the time comes.

Turn the crisis into an opportunity. 

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