The Race Around Denmark Registration Button - To Press Or Not To Press?

A Life Full Of Ultracycling

The countdown has started for Anna and the Race Around Denmark. From May 24th to May 29th, Anna will face her biggest challenge so far - to race around Denmark over a distance of 1600km.

Completely solo and unsupported.

We asked her to give as an idea how it feels to press the "Register" button.

I am excited and focused but also scared. What if I cannot handle riding in the dark for such a long time? What if I can't find water at night? Or am unable to fall asleep when I need to? What if I get into technical trouble? Punctures? So much can go wrong. We will see.”

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

“The training has gone according to my and my coach @richardlarsen's plan. I have not needed to stop for bad weather. Heavy rain and a lot of headwind training have made me harder and prepared for the task. I know how to pace myself in tough weather so as not to burn out and then to use the tailwind when I can. As little energy expenditure for as good a roll as possible.

“Now the detailed planning of packing, map review, sleep stops etc starts.

The goal for me is crystal clear.”

Sub 104 hours.

This is the Race Across America (RAAM) qualification limit for the women who compete in the Supported category RAAM qualifiers. If I manage that, it will be my own receipt that I am good enough.”

“So much can still happen along the way but I am on track. Maybe I'm most afraid of having to break @akeharaldsson's record. We live in a troubled world and I do not take anything for granted until I am on the starting line. But tonight I just pressed the registration button.

Thank you Anna for sharing! We hope all your hard work pays off.

Goals make motivation

Setting a goal with a deadline is a fantastic way to stay motivated. Riding in the RAAM  is something that is probably on most cyclists dream bucket list and you are well on your way. We will follow your progress and rest assured that we are all rooting for you!

Edit May 30th: Anna did it! The 1600km !



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  • Christian Behre

    Anna! Du har tränat bra, är motiverad och har starkt psyke, men detta kommer ändå att bli tufft! Oväntade saker kommer att inträffa – lös dem och lägg i erfarenhetsbanken. Och även om du har andra drömmar för framtiden, så är det här och nu livet händer – njut av det!

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