If you want to change the world, start with yourself

"If you want to change the world, start with yourself"

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi is so simple but so true. We are proud to say that the drive to continually change and evolve for the better is alive and well in Sigr's DNA. Like it or not, the little things we do or don't do can affect the world, for better or worse. We are going to aim for better.

We are cyclists

We guess that because you are reading this, you are probably a cyclist, and therefore someone who is already doing something good for the planet. We don't need to boast about this though. We'll just keep on cycling and maybe inspire and encourage a few others to start along the way, who knows.

But why stop there? During 2019 we introduced our Ocean collection, two jerseys created using sustainable fabric made from 100% recycled discarded plastic. We took a problem and made something beautiful.

Dusk Recycled Jersey€95.99 EUR
Dawn Recycled Jersey €95.99 EUR

We won't stop

Not content with this we have been actively searching for ways to lessen the impact our working processes have on the environment. One such process that we thought was begging to be improved was the prototyping process. Prototyping can involve many versions of a single garment being designed, tweaked, manufactured, sent for testing, sent for approval and in all probability that chain of events could be repeated multiple times until the garment was ready for the world.

Enter Maja

And so, to the solution. Meet Maja, the latest member of the Sigr family.

She's an avatar. Not the unfeasibly tall blue kind of avatar from the awesome Hollywood film, but the 3-d modelled kind that live happily inside the computer. The kind of avatar that you see while cycling on Zwift for example. Maja helps us prototype. She tries on clothes. We can make her walk, run and cycle, and observe how the clothes behave. We can see if they are too loose, if they wrinkle in a strange place, if they constrict her neck or legs. Maja also helps us with sizing. We can increase or decrease Maja's height and weight which means our sizing should just get better and better.

We <3 Maja

With Maja's help we no longer need to send Sigr prototypes around the world, we no longer even need to make the prototypes. We have reduced the impact from our prototyping cycle almost to zero.


Our new 2020 collection will be 100% prototyped using avatars. We still test all of our products on real cyclists, in real conditions. Even avatars need time off occasionally ;)

Fredrik Petrusson, head of design at Sigr says

"Sigr will continue to use recycled fabric for all of our bibs and offer a recycled jersey option just as we did this year. We are aiming to go fully recycled as soon as possible, both for our cycling clothing and our packaging. We want and need to make a difference in any way we can."

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