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Local cycling talent

Occasionally we come across people who have maxed their motivation, zeroed in on the zone and ridden the extra mile to become the best at what they do.

Marcus Dorsch is one of those people. And we found him in our back yard.

Marcus lives only a few kilometres from Sigr HQ, way up here in the frozen wastelands of Northern Sweden.

In his younger days, Marcus' sport of choice was Snowmobile Enduro, which although adrenaline filled, was accompanied by a seemingly never ending stream of associated injuries.

Silver Lining

During his rehab however, he often found himself sitting on a bike, pedalling his way back to health. He found he kind of liked it.

After taking the difficult decision to end his Snowmobile career and finally putting his Snowmobile helmet up the shelf for good, he took a trip to Mallorca with a local cycling club where he learnt the ins and outs of road cycling. Riding many hours with enthusiastic, like minded people cemented the bond with cycling and this is when he decided to take it to the next level.

This was the new beginning.

The road to gold

Living in the north of Sweden where warmth and light are at a premium for most of the year, Marcus developed a close bond with his child-to-be's bedroom where he and his bike spent many hours together training, training and more training.

He quickly found himself competing on Zwift with some of the best riders in the world and told us about his absolute most memorable moment so far...

He decided to enter the WTRL TTT (Team Time Trial) which started at 6 pm. So at 4 pm it was time for some food, a quick coffee on the sofa then onto the bike. He gives it all he's got and guess what? They won gold! To celebrate, Marcus took a shower and then an early night within an hour of victory.

Yes, Zwift has changed cycling for the better!

Indoor or outdoor cycling?

Indoor cycling certainly has its advantages, not least that it is possible to co-ordinate team rides much easier than IRL. Also riding with a mate, either digitally or IRL is a proven strategy to increase motivation so it's a big win-win.

Nevertheless, we as humans have a strong connection with nature and if given the choice, Marcus told us he would choose to ride outdoors every time.

We sent him our new Pro Recycled Dahlia jersey to test. He liked it. 😍

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