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Being up for the challenge of cycling more, is good. Because everywhere is biking distance right? But taking the leap, of cycling through a whole country, is something that requires more than a good slogan.


You have to prepare. No matter how fast you can ride. Your planning will need to be different from your usual day-trips. Where will you live? What and where are you going to eat? How will you pack your stuff on the bike? And above all, what clothes should you bring? Because there are those who say there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

Some people cycle with a view to competing in a race. Others do it to explore and find new experiences and adventure in life. This year, Sigr has chosen to follow Emil Martinsson from the end of May to early June - starting from Treriksröset / Karesuando in northern Sweden through Svappavaara, Gallivare, Jokkmokk, Arvidsjaur, Wilhelmina, Ostersund, Mora, Kristinehamn, Motala, Sävsjö, Kristianstad and finally ending the challenge in Smygehuk on Sweden's southernmost tip.

Iron Man

A common sight competing in Iron Man competitions in Lanzarote and Mexico, Emil has decided to use his cycling ability for something else this summer. Cycling through Sweden is theoretically possible in 4-6 days. Sverigeloppet (the largest Swedish cycling race, which takes place in July) runs for example over 6 days. Emil is easily capable. But this year he's chosen to do something different. He going to do it alone!

He wants to discover a country. "More deeply. Instead of just performing. Something different for a change" says Emil. Emil has also started a collection for the World Children Foundation (Världens Barn). 500 Euros was the goal, but the total is already well beyond that. At the last count Emil had raised 830 Euros and he hasn't even started yet!

Sigr wishes Emil a lot of luck. And we'll be following your progress with excitement!

And of course, we'll be contributing to his cause in the form of three of our "Havtorn" jerseys that Emil will put up for auction. All the money from the auction goes to Världens Barn.

Sigr is oviously supplying Emil with cycling clothes too including some of our bib shorts and a gorgeous Norrsken pack jacket. Everywhere is biking distance right? Whatever the weather. It is just a matter of having the right clothes...

If you want to find out more or follow Emil's progress yourself, find him at his blog or on  instagram


If you want to contribute, do it here.

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  • Steve L

    Great work! My mom’s side of the family is from Sweden. Perhaps this is the way I should travel next year.

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