Some people love the idea of having strong, muscular legs…others not so much.

This can be quite a dilemma if you’re a passionate cyclist – you may adore riding but worry that your legs will get too large for your liking.

Whether you want tree trunk legs or not, it begs the question: Does cycling actually build big legs?

The Answer? Yes and No.

First, cycling DOES provide a fair amount of resistance, especially when you’re cycling uphill in high gear.

Like any form of exercise, the more time your muscles are under tension, the more they’re broken down, and the bigger they’ll rebuild.

But there’s a catch…the type of cycling you’re doing plays a big part in your muscle development.

It’s long been proven that sprint-style training – a quick, explosive burst of strength – builds more strength, and in turn, muscle.

The alternative? Endurance-based training.

Long-distance cycling focuses more on stamina, and enjoying the ride will tone and sculpt your legs but won’t produce massive muscles.

The Verdict: Pick Your Cycling Style For Your Goals

If you want to build robust, powerful legs that look impressive, focus on sprints in short and intense intervals.

Otherwise, stick to long-distance, endurance-based cycling and try to reduce the use of higher gears where possible to keep your legs toned without getting massive.

We hope this helped to clear the confusion – now you can get back to doing what you love!

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