Annika and Annette - Double Strength Cycling

Who are you and where do you come from?

We are two 44 yr old Twins from Umeå in the north of Sweden.

What do you guys do for a living?

Annika works as a teacher with children between the age of 6 to ten. Annette works at a audit/tax and advisory firm.

Guess people ask you all the time? Twins... Tell us. Is that good or bad when you are both siblings and training friends?

When we were very young people saw us as one unit ("the twins") which was hard at times. Growing up and developing our own personalities has led to a really strong connection between us. When it comes to training and doing this together we find strength in being able to push each other when needed. It's not easy to skip practise, there has got to be a really, really good reason. Being a little tired just doesn't cut it. We also inspire each other and find joy in each other's achievements.

Tell us! You did a ”Svensk Klassiker” last year. How was that??

Doing a Tjejklassiker in 2017 was all about having fun, trying new things and expand our boundaries, to move out of our comfort zone. That also led to us training and competing in a triathlon that year.

What biking adventures do you have 2018?

In 2018 we have done something new to us - Indoor biking at a track field center during Winter. As soon as the snow went away we were out riding our bikes. There is a great sense of freedom being on the bike. You are close to nature and get to explore new places which you wouldn't otherwise.

Annika has planned to go biking this summer in the Swedish mountains. Annette is in rehab due to a bike crash earlier this summer and hopes to be back in the saddle soon.

How do you prepare for longer competitions?

Preparation for longer competitions is all about getting the kms in the legs (bike, bike and bike) However, it's also important to get som rest as well. In winter it's mostly about hours on the trainer and/or spinning classes.


biking is all about fun - find that feeling again!

What do you think about Sigr’s clothes?

Sigr clothes have the best (according to us) design and function. We just love the fit and the colour combinations. Annette's favourites right now are the jerseys Havtorn and Cikoria (just look att the wonderful flowers on the sleeves). Annika's favourites are Gullviva and Vallmo cycle jerseys (and yes, the jerseys for men also fits women!) We are both impressed about the Collection Norrsken - there's going to be safe biokning this autum/Winter season.

In 2019, Sigr is introducing more winter clothes. Crazy to talk about winter clothing already. But how do you keep your out door training inspiration during winter? And also indoor?

Wintertraining is a lot about trainers and that really is not that inspiring. You have to bring back memories of lovely summerrides and plan for new ones. That and and inofficial competition between us two make sure we get those miles done. Both of us also bike back and forth to work wintertime as well. We hear you experienced a crash not too long ago. Luckelly all went Well...

What is your suggestion to help other that crash with their mind set - how to Cycle and be brave again?

We beleive in riding again as soon as your body allows you to. Let your biking friends (whom you feel safe with) help you to get out on the road again. Do short rides at first, just focusing on having a good feeling because biking is all about fun - find that feeling again!

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