10 tips how to make October THE cycling month of the year

Okay. October is maybe best known for Halloween and for being wet and cold (here in Sweden at least) but it's actually also a perfectly fine cycling month.

Most cyclists love summer, but with a little imagination, a change of viewpoint and of course the right clothes, you can find that spark of motivation and energy to keep on cycling.

1. Date Yourself!

We are forced to spend time with ourselves our whole life and yet it is often the relationship that we put least effort into. Setting a goal to spend time with yourself in October is a great way to make October THE cycling month of the year. One that you'll remember. Use the time you commit to think about life, the universe and everything and of course cycling, lots of cycling. You don't always need to go cycling with mates. Book time in your calendar to have meetings with yourself. Perhaps twice a week. And go cycling!

2.The Right Bike

People joke that you cannot have enough bikes. In some ways it is true. But you could also say the best bike is the one you have. But we are talking about how to make October THE cycling month of the year. Instead of rushing in to buying a new bike this season, perhaps October is the month where you decide to test 4 new styles at 4 different dealers? And inspire yourself what to get for spring? And set that as a goal? Or... Just get this poster at Redbubble.

3. Indoor Cycling

If the outdoors is just wet and nasty, and you still want to go riding. Indoor cycling is not a bad option. You do not have to go all bananas about Zwift and other platforms. Facetime a friend or get hooked-up on Teams or Zoom or other platforms. Do it together. Be creative. Oh! And all our bibs are perfect both indoor and outdoor. Just saying.

4. Balcony Cycling 

You get it all really. The fresh air, the ability to watch your fave show on TV or to grab a cold snack from the fridge. And oh so close to your bed. ;)

5. Halloween 

Make the most of it! Get lots of great cycle theme ideas from Pinterest. This place is a haven of creative stuff. We warned you. This is what you might look like at Halloween. Well, if you do. Please send us the photo!!!

6. Shoe Cover

This gadget is so underestimated. It makes your toes believe it is at least August instead of October. Find Sigr cycling shoe covers here.

7. Wind Jacket

This gadget is also so underestimated. There is a reason why many cyclists call them 'emergency jackets' - because they are so light that they make a negligible difference to you riding performance. Easily stuffed into your jersey pocket so you hardly know they're there. But when the time is right and the weather takes a turn or you just stop cycling to admire the view for a bit, that is when a wind or pack jacket comes into it's own. Take your pick. We have many colours, styles and fabric. For women and for men.

8. Take Pictures & Post

Take some snaps and post online or as direct messages to your friends. Challenge them to also send/post you photos of things they like to do. That way more people inspire each other to make October not only THE cycling month of the year. But also the month with most energy and enthusiasm around activities we love to do.

9. Wash and Clean your Old Stuff

Wash, clean and sell the gear you no longer wear. Make a few extra coins and pay them forward in any way you like to make October THE cycling month of the year. And yes, that includes buying cake. Check out our laundry bags for washing your cycling gear. It will protect them and prolong their life.

10. Ride with a Friend

Planning a regular ride with a friend may seem like a no-brainer but it really is the best way to bust through the excuses we tell ourselves and get out there. As we all know, we love it once we start riding! 

So tell us, did we miss any good tips?

Or which one is your favourite?

Have a great October!

Love, your friends at Sigr

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