Cyclist friends wearing Sigr gravel cycling gear Cyclist friends wearing Sigr gravel cycling gear


A Gravel Adventure
Women's gravel gear worn by a SIgr cyclist


A Gravel Adventure


Born Of The Road

Cycling apparel designed in Sweden initially for road cycling, we wanted to prove our hypothesis that you don't necessarily need gear that is 'specifically for gravel cyclists'.

So we decided to to battle-test it on a really tough set of gravel routes to see if it was up to the job.

Spoiler alert: It was.

We rounded up a committed gang of hardened gravel cyclists and got them to thrash a set of Sigr cycling gear for five epic days on gravel ranging from beach ball to marble size lumps of rock.

The result? - Sigr women's cycling clothing: APPROVED FOR GRAVEL & ROAD.

Cyclists wearing Sigr gravel cycling clothing

Durability for Rough Terrain

Experience unmatched durability with Sigr’s Women's Gravel Cycling Clothing, engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. Our gear is designed to resist wear and tear on uneven gravel and rocky paths, ensuring long-lasting performance for serious gravel cyclists. Perfect for those who demand resilience and reliability on every ride.

Versatile Design

Sigr’s women's gravel cycling clothing merges Swedish sophistication with multi-terrain versatility. Ideal for transitioning seamlessly between asphalt and off-road, our designs offer flexibility without compromising on style or comfort. Discover clothing that adapts to your surroundings and enhances your cycling experience, no matter the route.

A woman cyclist wearing a red cycling jersey and bibs by Sigr
Sigr women's gravel cycling gear on a gravel trail

Comfort and Fit

Stay comfortable on long rides with Sigr’s women's gravel cycling gear. Our clothing features advanced fabric technology for moisture-wicking and breathability, tailored to maintain comfort over hours on the trail. The ergonomic fit supports a full range of motion, making it a top choice for gravel cyclists seeking both performance and comfort.



Lightweight and breathable jersey. Large size is perfect for me (183cm 88kg). I washed the shirt several times in the washing machine. Both the color and the fabric remained perfect!

Fabrizio Iacoviello

Fantastic quality. Nice and straight design.

Thomas Reinhag

Fantastic feel & fit.


very comfortable clothing, but above all a beautiful design

Steve Spruyt

Fast delivery, good quality 👍🏼

Thorsten Kern