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'Kotte' - Beanie

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Thin enough to fit comfortably under a helmet and will also look the part without one. Spread the Sigr love with our natty logo on the front.

Remember, it's great to have a range of woolly hats for different conditions - here in Umeå for example this hat would work from early winter to early spring down to -12°C or so when cycling moderately hard.

We call this one 'Kotte' the Swedish word for 'cone' as in pine cone. Tricky little things if you hit one while leaned over, going round a bend at speed. We have millions of the things looking down at us all year round, biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike!*

*Fake news ;)


  • One size: 240mm (w) x 270mm (h) when flat.
  • Lightly elastic
  • Logo print
  • Will fit under your helmet
  • Not windproof material

Fabric: Quality cotton with elastan - 180 g/kvm (Oeko-tex 100)

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    • We are consistently rated 5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot!
    • Wash separately from normal clothes
    • Use cool 'delicates' wash cycle or cool hand wash
    • Use a mesh bag while washing
    • Close any zips before washing
    • Avoid washing with velcro items
    • Avoid fabric softeners which can loosen logos and other prints
    • Air-dry after washing if possible
    • Don't wash more often than needed


    The Sigr Story

    In times like these, the little choices we make can affect life on a global scale. Here at Sigr, way up in the north of Sweden, everything we do, we do with two things in mind, equality and the planet.

    Wherever we can, we make choices that reduce the impact on this beautiful space ball we live on that inspires us so much. We use 100% digital prototyping, we use 100% recycled fabric where possible. We use sustainable, nordic design that is more focussed on longevity than on the whims of fashion. Don't get us wrong though, we make gear that looks great. But that will last. Season after season.

    Equality in cycling is something we also strive for. Whether it's providing exactly the same designs for men and women or sponsoring the Swedish Tour, a race through Sweden with more inclusive rules than some other races we could name.

    When all is said and done, cycling is simply awesome. For the individual and for the environment. Let's saddle up and ride the heck out of this magical cycling journey. Together.

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