Wind jackets are an essential part of any road, gravel or MTB cyclist's wardrobe.

They do one thing and they do it well.

They stop wind.

Their mission in life is to nestle unnoticed in your jersey back pocket until you call on them. A cold wind can make any ride uncomfortable and a wind jacket can fix that in a flash, instantly increasing your ride's possibilities.

Pack jackets are just wind jackets that can be packed and stored in their own back pocket.

Norrsken - pack jackets inspired by the Northern Lights. Take me there!

Treriksröset - classic, performant pack jackets in 4 colours. Take me there!

Uppsala - a deceptively simple wind jacket that does its one job well. Take me there!



The light weight and the quality is really amazing! Comfortable product!

Eglė Jasiukaitytė

Light and very elegant is also warm enough for italian winter temperatures.

Alessandro Gattamorta

Love this jacket at early autumn.

Jun Ho Park
South Korea

Very breathable 🙌🙌🙌

Llewelyn Roberts

I absolutely love Sigr products. This jacket ist no exception. Light, good quality, fit is great (tight) and I love the color. It also repells rain. It is not waterproof, but I had no problems in a 1 hour light rain shower.


Norrsken Pack Jackets

The Norrsken collection is inspired by the northern wonder that is the Aurora Borealis or "Northern Lights" as it is commonly known in English.

These are our ultimate pack jackets. Sporting a highly reflective winter pattern, they help keep those cold winds out and will pack down to almost nothing in their own packing pocket, ready to be thrown on when the conditions require.

For men & women.


Proven performers that have become a Sigr classic. Clean and elegant no-nonsense design.

And stops wind like a champ.

For men & women.

Fun fact: Treriksröset is the point where Sweden, Finland and Norway meet.


Trustworthy wind jackets. Sleek black or unmissable high-viz yellow. Reflective prints make this jacket a great allrounder.

For men & women.

Fun fact: Uppsala was the main pagan centre of Sweden and was a legendary Viking settlement, its temple containing magnificent idols of the Norse gods.