New Jerseys For
Spring & Summer


And so the time has come for new life to spring into view in the SIgr jersey collection.

First we have 3 new jersey designs fresh from our lovely designer Hanna.

Second we have 3 fresh new looks designed in collaboration with Sigr Japan!




Lightweight and breathable jersey. Large size is perfect for me (183cm 88kg). I washed the shirt several times in the washing machine. Both the color and the fabric remained perfect!

Fabrizio Iacoviello

Fantastic quality. Nice and straight design.

Thomas Reinhag

Fantastic feel & fit.


very comfortable clothing, but above all a beautiful design

Steve Spruyt

Fast delivery, good quality 👍🏼

Thorsten Kern

Orkidé Jerseys

The "Orkidé" cycling jersey draws on the understated presence of orchids in Sweden, echoing their rich pink-purple tones. These flowers, common yet often unnoticed due to their size, inspire the design's bold colour. It's crafted for cyclists who find beauty in the subtle, merging nature's quiet elegance with a standout hue for visibility on the road.


New Arrival!
New Arrival!

Daggkåpa Jerseys

The "Daggkåpa" cycling jersey is deep-dyed in a rich spring green, inspired by the natural hues of the Daggkåpa plant. It's a colour that evokes the freshness of the season, paired with a contrasting grey zipper for a touch of modernity.


Himmel Jerseys

The "Himmel" cycling jersey captures the essence of northern Sweden's skies with its gradient from dark to light blue, reflecting the transition from late afternoon to the endless summer nights unique to the region.

Note: The women's Himmel jersey will arrive in a week or two together with the rest of the men's sizes.



Koicha Jerseys

Named after the robust and intense Koicha, a traditional Japanese matcha known for its boldness, this jersey mirrors the spirit of adventure in cycling. The body's rich green hue, inspired by the tranquil colour of matcha, complements sleeves patterned with narrow, organic stripes in green and white.

Ogi Jerseys

This cycling jersey draws inspiration from the serene beauty of Japan's natural landscapes, specifically the tall, graceful grasses like Miscanthus sacchariflorus that line the country's rivers and lakes.

Torii Jerseys

Named after the iconic Torii gates, which mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred, this jersey is for cyclists who treasure both the journey and the destination. Its design, featuring vertical orange stripes over a solid grey, mirrors the serene effect of sunlight through trees on Torii's vermilion pillars, blending tradition with the thrill of exploration.