Level Up
Into Autumn!

Show The Weather Who's Boss This Autumn

The key to riding during this unpredictable season is to use smart gear combinations to maximise your ride possibilities.

Mix and match from the following products and embrace the weather where YOU ride.

Warmers - arms and legs need warmth too! Take me there!

Base Layers - Most at home under your jersey. Take me there!

Gilets - Core warmth assured. Take me there!

Wind/Pack Jackets - Wind chills. Fight back! Take me there!

Softshell Jackets - Marvelous Merino Magic. Take me there!

Wet Weather Gear - Isn't rain just liquid sunshine? Take me there!

Brand new items! - New products for autumn and winter. Take me there!

Level One: Warmers

The first sign of autumn is usually your arms and legs starting to feel a little chilly on morning or evening rides.

Level up by taking a pair of arm and/or leg warmers with you in your jersey pocket.

Go further with toe warmers or perhaps a head and neck warmer for extra comfort.


Level Two: Base Layers

We all love jersey season.

But sometimes a jersey is not quite enough. That's where these base layers come in.

Beautiful in their own right, it seems a shame to cover them up. Don't feel bad though, they actually feel most at home sitting snugly under your jersey. ;)

They will insulate your core while letting moisture escape.

Let's make jersey season that little bit longer!

Level Three: Gilets

Core warmth is key.

A gilet has one job. To warm the core.

On days when the wind is blowing from the north. Or perhaps you're descending after a long sweaty climb. One thing is sure, the wind is more than ready to sneakily transport your heat away from your body.

All of our gilets are windproof. Some are reflective and some are high-viz. All are the result of a restrained Swedish design process that marries looks and performance.

Level Four: Wind & Pack Jackets

A windy summer day on the cusp of autumn? A coast ride with a chance of fog? A light shower just around the corner?

You're gonna need a wind or pack jacket in your jersey pocket just in case!

Pack jackets are incredibly light and compact when packed. Need one with visibility?

We got you.