The Sigr Story - Born in the North


We were born in Umeå, in northern Sweden. Here, we live amongst nature as it lives amongst us. We cycle the roads and the mountains, wake to the songs of birds in the morning, and are inspired by the wildlife growing all around us.

As Swedes, we were raised with certain values. We were taught to take care of our surroundings and each other. Here, equality, democracy, and sustainability are taken for granted. But we know that is not the case elsewhere. That’s why we feel it is our duty and obligation to pass these values forward. And we do this, with Sigr.

Our mission states that everything we do, we do for an equal biking culture. And truly, we do. Because everything from our inclusive design to our communication and core values is driven by this statement. We believe that making the biking culture more equal is more important than anything. And to make this vision come true, we have to challenge our surroundings until the day comes when our Swedish values prevail worldwide and the question no longer needs to be asked.

This is our mission. Our story. And we need to tell it, as we need you to pass it forward. Because making the biking culture inclusive with equality at its core is not something we can do on our own. We need you to join the cause and help spread the word.

Regardless of your background, nationality, or beliefs, this is something that we need to do together.

Sigr cycling clothing cyclists in Scandinavian forest