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Team Sigr - Not all heroes wear capes!

Not all heroes wear capes.

It's all very well being a cycling clothing brand. You make clothes, you sell clothes, everyone's happy. But we are humble and know we are nothing without our lovely cyclist friends. We wanted a way to give these heroes the recognition they deserve and to that end we started our Team Sigr initiative. This is our salute to those not-so-ordinary people who take the sport forward year after year with friends or alone mile after mile. Together, our sincere hope is that Team Sigr will inspire others to dust off their bike and go for a ride.

Follow them

We set up an Instagram account @teamsigr where you can follow the trials and tribulations of these happy cyclists.


The "rules"

We sponsor teams all around the world with Sigr cycling gear and only have a few loose requirements

  • 1. They must ride as a team - We think that riding together is the most enjoyable way to cycle and if there's a way to get more people cycling, it's this. Encouraging your mate to finally get that new bike (or just mend that puncture ;) and join you out on that Sunday morning tarmac is what it's all about. Don't get us wrong, the lone wolf rider setting off to claim the local mountain top in record time is also awesome but this is about the team.

  • 2. There must be women and men in the team - Simple. If the team is mixed, there will be no gender barriers for anyone to join and the more the merrier.

  • 3. We hope they ride for fun. Yes, sometimes it rains, yes, sometimes you crash, yes, sometimes there's no cake left when you get to the coffee (or tea) stop but for us it's not about pain and suffering. Try hard and sometimes it might hurt, but fun must be the goal.

Something Blue?

Why did we choose blue clothes this year? Not sure really, we could say to symbolise the memory of the endless blue sky, stretching all the way to the horizon on your best ride of the year, or maybe a cheeky wink to the blue of the Swedish flag? We actually just thought it looked really nice. Full stop.

Can my team join next year?

Drop us an email at contact@sigr.cc Tell us about your team and why you want to join us.

The kit 

BLUE JERSEY: BLÅKLOCKA (both colours), TEAM SIGR (both colours)




Here are some quick links to the kit for those who are interested. Team Sigr kit for men and Team Sigr kit for women.

Team Sigr's Calendar

Follow us on Facebook for the latest on where Team Sigr will be riding next. But Styrkeprøven in Norway, Sverigetempot in Sweden and Sverigeloppet in Sweden are the rides 2020 where you can meet with the Team Sigr.

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