How can you reduce your risk of injury from Road Cycling (or worse)?

So, is road cycling dangerous?

Yes and no.

Road cycling isn’t dangerous per se.

Obviously, there are certain conditions where the activity becomes more dangerous, like limited visibility, wet roads, etc.

But it’s not so much the conditions that pose the biggest threat.

One of the most dangerous situations is cycling alone.

Most single rider crashes result in scratches and bruises, but others can be fatal.

And most fatalities come from collisions with vehicles.

That said, the risks of a road cyclist being involved in a collision with a car are small, yet the consequences of such a collision are potentially deadly.

The probability of such a life-threatening event actually happening is minute, though.

But the risk is still there.

So, how can we reduce it and prevent serious injury or death?

The number one way to reduce risks associated with road cycling is to ride in pairs, with a club or in a group. Nothing else comes close to creating a safe set of conditions.

But, let's not end on a downer! 😊

Overall, road cycling as a sport and lifestyle has MANY advantages that outweigh the risks.

Just be smart. Be aware of the risks and take precautions to mitigate them.

And carry on riding safely!

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